About Us

Belle Noir Co is a hair care company that specializes in hair products, hair care kits, and hair extensions. My mission is to embrace every hair journey, every hair texture and every protective hair style. I want to show that beauty has no standards and no traditional look with Belle Noir Co. I aim to inspire people to see how diverse beauty is. I believe it is important to allow yourself to explore hairstyle that you thought would never work while maintaining your healthy and strong hair. I would like my products to be accessible in every hair related retail location where it's difficult to find hair care products that works for all hair types. Growing up I did believe there was a set standard to beauty but I realized as I got older that there wasn't any set standard to beauty. I found beauty in myself, my skin tone, and my hair texture.I aim to educate Young Queens about learning about their hair texture, loving and embracing their hair and finding their beauty inside and out.